Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It sure has been a "bright" weekend with all this sunshine! I hope we have many more days like we've been experiencing. It is a great reminder that all seasons last only for a time.

We can have hope that when we are in the midst of winter and when life is a little stagnant and difficult to withstand, spring is just around the corner. Spring is full of excitement as you watch things that have withered and died find new life. I think I have actually seen buds on a tree just outside my kitchen window!

How true for our spiritual lives! We can be excited that God wants us to experience new growth as we come out of our time of trials and sufferings. He wants us to re-experience the wonders of His mighty love and grace time and time again.

It is beautiful isn't it?

Encouraging words from my friend. Thank you Sara Culp. You make a difference in my life and lots of others too! God will honor your faith.


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Sara said...

Thank you Kay for your constant encouragement in my life. What a wonderful post! You truly have a heart for women and it shows in everything you say and do. I love you so much!