Sunday, March 7, 2010


Some days I worry that my heart will break in two. Just like today, as I looked around at my friends at church and realized the painful paths many are struggling with; one who has lost a mate to cancer, another just divorced, another whose kids just started an orhanage in Haiti before the earthquake that brought more devastation to an already hurting country. Some are from personal choices gone wrong, some are just results of living in a fallen world.

How do I trust God is good, knowing the challenges, heartaches and unanswered questions of life that affect all on this planet? How do I find courage to encourage others when I am in a vulnerable place myself?

Just as I give time and attention to nourishing my body, I need to be aware of what feeds and encourages my heart. Paula Rineheart says, "We must have our hearts intact in order to make the journey of life well. We must have access to the inside stuff-the longings and desires and dreams and vulnerabilities that make us who we are. God placed those in us and means for us to live from the heart."

So if that is His intention, I can choose to trust Him and stay close to the Shepherd who 'gathers His lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart,' according to Isaiah 40:11. I know His heart is stirred to compassion by my neediness and saddened by my sin. He loves me and all that is in my heart and yours too.

When I meditate on this Word day and night, strength, genunine caring and courage comes. Then I can go out in the world and encourage others from my heart.

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