Saturday, March 6, 2010


As I shared at my local women's retreat about the layers in my struggles with empty nesting, little did I realize I was about to encounter another layer. A big layer.

I shared these words: 'I know God has been with me in the past so I can trust my future to Him as I begin a new layer of letting go—it’s always in layers—just like peeling an onion. I think I have it figured out and then there is another layer to deal with.'

How do we handle the stress of our adult sons and daughters when they come to us with problems of their own choices or the circumstances that life brings to all? I was searching for answers when I came across this eloquent, encouraging paragraph that describes more 'layers of letting go' and feel this is the answer that I can peacefully live with for now.

"Over several years,(of not getting relief from an adult daughter's problems) a beautiful detachment grew in their souls, not the detachment of not caring, but the detachment of gentleness. They would continue to believe that Jesus was with them in this darkness that seemed to have no coming dawn. All their fear, anger, love, and hurt they would give to God. They would learn as the writer of Lamentations advised, to wait in silence." Sally Breedlove, Choosing Rest

Although this is incredibly difficult, I will choose daily to live with more 'layers of letting go' and let God do His work in all of our lives.

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