Thursday, March 4, 2010


My heart has been heavy the past few weeks. I feel as if my gut has been punched a thousand times from all that is happening. How do I find relief?

And yet, there is a peace, a strange calm that is covering over my soul. Where is that coming from? What is my secret source of serenity?

I read a poem by Marie Scott from her book Transparent Heart that resonates. Italics are my questioning words to my God who I believe to be good even in the midst of storms.

The anguish of surrender
riochets inside,
will I trust in my God,
(I could use little g, my gods.
Where I go to ease my pain)

though He seems to hide.
(And they do little good inside)

Will I continue to cling to the cross
and all that He accomplished there,
even when suffering isn't relieved
and life seems unfair?

Will I yet praise Him though
my soul is cast down,
and never forget the thorns
on His crown?
(That I should praise Him when He gives and not when He takes away?)

Staying put in this darkened place,
Sustain me Father with your grace.

That must be the secret source to the strange peace and calm-His Grace.

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