Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When I asked my husband what he would do differently in raising our three children, he immediately said, “I would spend more time building great memories and being involved and encouraging in the intimate details of their young lives.”

This is a heartfelt anguished answer from an engineer/father who struggled sharing time and feelings when the children were young. There was training of employees to be done and businesses to be run. Although we worked hard to eat meals together, took family vacations, went to games and even coached little league teams, time flew by and kids grew up too fast.

Spending quality and quantity time with your child gives them a sense of identity, belonging and knowledge that they are loved and wanted. No one has ever said 'I wished I would have spent more time at work,' but they have wished they would have spent more time interacting relationally with their loved ones.

Fathers, spend time with your children today!

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