Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I love my dog. Well really it’s my son’s dog, but when he left for the military, Jake and I bonded in a way that kept us both alive! One especially lonely evening as I sat sobbing on the floor, Jake lay down beside me and comforted me as if to say, ‘I miss him too.’ From that point on, we were and are inseparable.

Dogs may be smarter than we think. I know he knows what I say to him. Of course my husband points out that it’s my tone that he knows. I notice when Dale speaks to him, he does obey better.

I love to watch my dog and cat interact together. They have their own special language. In honor of Jake and Kobe here are some secrets of contented living that most dogs follow—and more humans need to:

Never pass up the chance to go for a ride.
Always greet your loved ones enthusiastically, even if they’ve been gone for only five minutes.
Sometimes obedience is the best strategy.
Carve out your niche—and let others know when they’ve invaded your space.
Find time to run, chase things, and play every day.
Eat with gusto!
Be dependably loyal no matter what.
Take frequent naps.
Take time to stretch before getting up from your naps.
Don’t bite when a growl will send the message.
When someone’s having a bad day, stay close, be quiet and nuzzle them now and then.
When it’s hot, drink a lot of water and sleep in the shade.
Enjoy long rambling walks.
Don’t take scolding personally—you’ll forget soon enough.
When you’re happy, show it.

My pets make me happy!

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