Thursday, February 8, 2007

24/7 Encouragement

Have you ever gone to a seminar on any business topic that you are interested in and been all fired up to do whatever they said, but a week later you are still doing things the way you've done them before you went? In other words, the challenge and motivation from one weeklong or weekend seminar is not permanent.

Of course it is not. Can you eat once and never again? How about cleaning your house or your body? To think you can receive all you need for a lifetime from one encouraging, motivating seminar or one book or article is crazy.

To keep yourself encouraged, inspired, motivated enough to be able to pass it along to others you must receive encouragement on a regular basis. You must feed your mind and soul positive stuff to keep it going in the right direction. Positive input equals positive output.

With all the negative news and difficult things in life, most people need help to keep a positive mind set. Check out for ideas, tips and benefits of an encouraging lifestyle. Never underestimate the power of positive words in a life.

You can do it. I can help!

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