Monday, February 5, 2007

Encouragement for Sports Fans

What encouragement for fans to see two really nice coaches getting some great press and one winning the Super Bowl this past week. In an era where statistics state 40% of professional sports players are convicted felons, to hear there were no scandals of any players in the Super Bowl, is rare and refreshing. To listen to them articulate "team and coach" with respect, and even speak of helping out with others' misfortunes is inspiring to say the least.

Michael Rosenberg on says this about Colts coach Tony Dungy, "This is a man who treats players with respect without coddling them; who does not talk down to anybody; who understands that he is lucky to coach a game for a living... Dungy should be proud. The conventional wisdom in sports is that if a coach is too nice, he will lose his team — and in the NFL, the perception is that a coach will lose two games for every time he smiles. But Dungy has shown that a coach can be unfailingly polite and still hold his players accountable." A coach who knows that the right words do indeed make a difference--even make champions.

Finally, role models who understand that to 'whom much is given, much will be required,' and living up to that challenge. Players who stand tall in real life as they do on the field, who live with convictions, deliver with determination and give gratitude to those who had a part in the process.

How encouraging for all of us to watch. Nice guys can make headlines too!

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