Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Encouragement for Depression

Youth depression and suicide statistics are on the rise all over the country, but in Indiana, suicide now ranks ahead of homicide as the second leading cause of death for those under 18. Depression is deadly.

A Jasper, Indiana community action agency called Tri-Cap organized a task force to research and address the problem and out of this formed a group called 'Natural Helpers.' It recruits high school students to encourage and listen to anxious and stressed out teens. They will sometimes talk about issues that cause depression with peers more than parents.

Brooke Shields learned that "listening is one of the most powerful things you can do to help someone who is suffering." You don't have to have answers, just be there to encourage and support with your presence.

Developing positive relationships, having an encouraging home life and a strong feeling of self-worth are all things that help reduce the risk of suicide.

The Indiana Youth Institute is proactive in working toward solutions in schools and communities around the state. It takes knowledge and caring volunteers working together in all levels of society.
There is hope.
We can make a difference!

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